Pre-purchase Checklist

What kind of doorbell currently do you have?

Please check what kind of doorbell currently you have. Is your existing Doorbell is just a small faceplate which just connects with contact, there are no wires visible?

Then it is a Wireless doorbell you have, you can’t use any power from Wireless doorbell.

Solution>> If you purchase dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell, you will also need to purchase AC/DC adapter to provide power to the doorbell. You  will need to run cable from inside your home to the doorbell location to provide power to your doorbell.

Is your existing doorbell operational?

If your existing doorbell is not operational, you may have to purchase a doorbell transformer from Home Depot or similar home improvement store.

How do you go around it?

You can purchase from us or from local home improvement store or electronics store a 12V, 1A AC adapter to supply power to the dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell.

Is your Wi-Fi signal strength strong enough to reach your front door?

To check the Wi-Fi signal strength at the doorbell location all you have to do is,  take  your iOS or Android smart devices to the location where you are planning to install the new doorbell. If your Wi-Fi signal bar disappears from your Smartphone or Tablet – that means your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough.

Easy fix, go to your nearest Best Buy or other electronics store and purchase a Wi-Fi signal booster.

Do you have Basic knowledge of setting up Wi-Fi ? Do you know your Wi-Fi name and password?

If you do not know how to setup the Wi-Fi on your Smartphone or Tablet please ask around you if there is someone who can help you.

If you have no clue what Wi-Fi is and you can’t get any help from anyone around you, please re-consider before buying. You need to know the name of your Wi-Fi Network and Password. If these two items sound foreign to you, please check with us before placing the order.

We would be delighted if you buy our Wi-Fi video doorbell, but we will be more delighted if you have a fun and enjoyable experience doing it. Let’s work together and make it the best it can be.

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