dbell Installation

No, it is not difficult to install dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell. dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell installation require beginners to intermediate knowledge of Networking and Basic equipment installation experience. Wi-Fi video doorbell is a Network appliance. You will need the following Tools: Pliers, Power Drill, Wire Strippers


Step-1: Hold the video doorbell where you want to install it. Mark the top and bottom of the doorbell. Remove only the doorbell leaving the bracket in its position. Mark the screw hole in the bracket. Remove the bracket.
Step-2: Drill screw holes as needed on the previously marked location.
Step-3: Insert the rubber plug inside the newly drilled hole if necessary.
Step-4: Install the mounting bracket using the provided screw
o    For Brick – use concrete screws and anchors
o    For Concrete – use concrete screws and anchors
o    For Stucco – use concrete screws and anchors
o    For Wood – use wood screws
o    For Vinyl – use wood screws


Please do not attempt to install the doorbell when it is raining, lighting or snowing at the doorbell location. You must follow the electrical safety prior to doing the installation. If you have never done any installation prior to this doorbell please consult with an electrician, audiovisual technician or any trade personnel to complete the installation for you.

2.1 Install the Bracket.
Find the bracket in the package and mount it with the screws, please make sure it vertical and level using the level on the bracket.
2.2 Install the Doorbell
After the bracket is installed, put all the cables through the small hole, and install the doorbell on the bracket. Then install the screw at the bottom, make sure it’s tight.

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